A handlist of early medieval manuscripts (before c. AD 1000) relevant to the study of Irish book culture.

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City Library Shelfmark/section Contents Script Dating Origin Provenance Images
DublinTrinity College57 (A.IV.5) (Book of Durrow)Testamentum Novum, Evangelia (Mt, Mc, Lc, Io)Insular majusculeVII²Northumbria (Irish tradition)Durrow, OffalyLink to images availableEmbedded IIIF images available
LondonBritish LibraryEgerton 2831 (ff 110–143)Hieronymus, In Isaiam (14–18)Insular minusculeVIII²ToursLink to images availableEmbedded IIIF images available

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Origin: Ireland Origin: Insular, poss. Ireland (Origin: Continent)
Irish script Irish exemplar Known Irish scribe
Insular script, poss. Irish Insular exemplar, poss. Irish
Hiberno-Latin text Irish-language content
Pádraic Moran, MIrA: Manuscripts with Irish Associations, draft version (2021) <www.mira.ie/index.php?cat=sc-ins> [accessed 27 June 2022]